Syndicode Digest #6 Blackend Swan

Syndicode Digest #6 Blackend Swan
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Today (September 25th) we announce Syndicode Digest #6.  Just see

  • 5 must have skills for Ruby junior is an article from our developer Pavlo Leoniuk. It will teach you how to become rich junior programmer and never look back. With cool pics
  • Blue green deployment will give you overview of this process, pros and cons and also when you should use it. Good to know, good to use.
  • Writing ruby compiler bottom up is a good source of inspiration from developer with production assembly experience. You will be familiar with PEG’s and grammars after reading and why LISP has no syntax. Also you will see Ruby from other side, and even write a compiler for it. Really cool
  • DON’T do MICROSERVICES. Just read and prepare for the whole new view on this problem. And stop writing microservices, really. Just write good code
  • Curate content for the greater good just read. You will own secrets how to curate content, which routines you need to be productive in this field. And spend less then hour in a day!
  • Build best dream team ever . Research. From Google. Must read.
  • Step by step building RPG in javascript There would be no how to’s. Just codepen, you and general plan
  • AWS cluster + Sinatra Use docker and AWS infrastructure to prepare you Sinatra application for production. Inside docker.
  • Refactor with confidence Start powerful refactoring routine with sulture in Ruby. Just read and use it today
  • Haskell functional programming has started already on futurelearn. Come join us learning functional programming

Previous digest was here. Happy hacking!

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