Fundamentals to become better visual designer

Fundamentals to become better visual designer
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How to become a better visual designer? Its like with new language – start from basics! Because visual design is a visual language. And learning visual design is no different from learning a new language.

In this article Jonathan Z. White shares his experience about how to become better visual designer.

There are many interesting thoughts, but the first word that came to authors mind was “rigor”. You will only improve as a visual designer if you make a conscious effort. And train you basic skills.

From this approach you can take the typo as the first fundamental. You can tell a lot about a designer by looking at his or her typography. And even entire design can be created with just type. If you want a comprehensive understanding of how to apply typography to the web, read also about web typography. And finally, learn how to pair fonts together.

Fundamental number two: use space to create balance. Spacing helps establish vertical and horizontal motion in your designs. Create balance and visual harmony. An exercise that will help develop your eye is the following: Take an existing design, draw an x and y axis, simplify the design into basic shapes, analyze how the design is balanced, and then rearrange the elements. Pay close attention to how negative space affects the balance of the elements.

Fundamental number three: Use size to establish visual hierarchy. By using size to convey visual relationships between elements, you can establish flow. You can use grids to help you size elements using ratios to convey importance.

Fundamental four: Use color to convey meaning. Identify the purpose of your design before choosing a color palette. Good design align its color palette with its purpose.

There are more fundamentals you have to work on. But to start, read the full article here.

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