Using Laravel for Big Enterprise Apps

Using Laravel for Big Enterprise Apps
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Is Laravel mature enough for big projects? Spoiler: its not actually the framework to define the app size. We collected the most interesting points from the Laravel Podcast episode. 

Lets get back in history. In fact, Laravel has been used for big apps in the past, so we already know it’s true. Podcast authors also say that Laravel is good for any app that PHP is good for. And it’s really up to you – once you’re passed the Controller, you have total freedom to do whatever you want to do. For some reasons Laravel is even better at making big apps than other PHP offerings. First reason: because there’s dependency, complexity, and Laravel’s Dependency Injection Container is really good. When you’re talking about complex apps, you’re also talking about background jobs processing, and Laravel has the only baked-in queue system out of any major framework in PHP. Second reason: Event Broadcasting feature and others that are more on the big app side.

What the examples of big Laravel apps? There are hundreds of millions of pageviews sites, running on Laravel – like Alexa 500, multiple Fortune 500 companies. Various video game sites like Fallout 4 had their landing page on Laravel. We pretty sure, you will find more examples.

So how to build big apps? Just make sure you’re using a good cache or session driver like Memcachedor Redis, on a server like Elasticache if you’re on AWS. At Laravel level, check if you’re using config: cache, route:cache, make sure you’re using composer dump-autoload –optimize. Another great thing to do is to separate your database from your web-server. It makes it easier to do the scaling, like if you want to add the second server.

Overall conclusions. “Big apps” are not about the framework, there’s much more that comes into it: DevOps things, caching mechanism, your unique application logic, database structure etc.
You can read the full article on http://laraveldaily.com/

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