Pulling off the curtains on new iOS 11

Pulling off the curtains on new iOS 11
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With release of new iOS 11 you could guess that we’ve got new APIs to dig into. So let’s make some reviews and pull off the curtains on new iOS 11. 

We will write about just a few additions that caught our eyes while browsing the differences.

Everyones favorite control received one small tweak it needed from the very beginning. Now it has variable spacing among its arranged subviews.
As the antithesis of UIStackView is implementing it only to find you need,to tear it down altogether or add the unintuitive “spacer” view to apply some padding. This can also later be queried and parameterized, should you need to animate it in or out to make space for other U.I. considerations.

With iOS 11, Apple has all but reaffirmed that it views the two controls as distinct, separate utilities that should occupy equal mindshare among developers.
We’ve also got a revamped way to enable custom actions when users swipe left or right on cells, or more precisely when they swipe from the leading or trailing sides.
Another nice touch is a property one can use to allow a “default” swipe action to occur when the user swipes all the way left or right, like when deleting an email.

For both paste operations and to support drag and drop data delivery, every UIResponder now has a paste configuration property.

Credit for the review goes to Jordan Morgan. You can find more information with examples here.

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