Syndicode Digest #11 – Bottled wisdom

Syndicode Digest #11 – Bottled wisdom
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Where you will be when heat will come? Probably, at the same place, waiting for the next weekly digest with the latest news and hypes. Eventually our Syndicode Digest #11 – Bottled wisdom is here for you! 


  1.  HBO went crazy and released the app Not Hotdog which is the real version of the app they showed in the 4th episode of “Silicon Valley”. They built it with TensorFlow, Keras & React Native.
  2. Learn how to troubleshoot your deploy and get answers to frequently asked questions: 502, 503, failures, packages and more.
  3. See how Angular and React both aim to solve similar front-end problems with very different approaches. To compare them you will see how the same application is built with Angular first and then with React.
  4. Most applications will never need to use context. But still, its not superfluous to know how safely use React context.
  5. Sketch UI kit: 12 sample screens with sign up forms, chat messages, photo galleries, etc.
  6. Useful article about integration test for React app: setting up the specs, writing them, and finally, debugging.
  7. Find 10 most common mistakes for Node.js developers. Be honest, are you one of them?
  8. It’s never late to explore some beautiful stuff. Fantastic infinite WebGL tubes made with Three.js
  9. You don’t know anything about UX design unless you see what Reddit users have done… Meet the worst custom volume sliders!

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