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Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues

Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues
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When everybody went on vacations and you stayed at work… You’re sitting alone, coding and crying rivers on your keyboard. And there is nobody who can support and cheer you up except us. We prepared for you the most wonderful news in our weekly Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues! Try to guess about the name.


  1. New version of Figma in da house! Apart of many improvements Figma 2.0. got long awaited features like Prototyping and Developer Handoff. Moreover, now you can navigate presentations from your phone.
  2. Want to know how automate the collection information like systrace logs, location requests, batterystats, graphics profiling, and more? Take a look on testing codelab (78 minutes read, but don’t be lazy).
  3. If you use Slack, Heroku ChatOps might help you with collaborative deploy workflow. Keep in mind that ChatOps does not support routing notifications to private Slack channels.
  4. Development team tend to define “quality” relative to the number of bugs or stability. But user, probably, will not recognize bugs even if they exist. User mostly think of something that meets his needs. So how to measure the product quality?
  5. Elixir Integration Into Vim with alchemist.vim plugin.
  6. And more about Elixir: new version Elixir v1.4 released. Read about list of changes and improvements in official blog. Note, that this is the last Elixir release that supports Erlang/OTP 18.
  7. If you are using Elixir or Erlang for the development, try the event_bus library which is an implementation of the i3.
  8. For you, CSS lovers! The article on how to create an animated loading screen that would appear ASAP and stay visible until the rest of the content was ready.
  9. What exactly is a blockchain? Accept the challenge to build a simple blockchain in less than 50 lines.

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