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7 web development trends of 2017

7 web development trends of 2017
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Nothing new, ladies and gentelmen. You might predict all these trends yourself if you track what’s happening around. But if you don’t, let us make it for you. Our mission is to structure an important information and give you some advises for keeping up with it. As long as you want to gain success in this tough but progressive world. Please, take these 7 web development trends of 2017 into account and use. 

We will not write a long fabula (as far as we assume that you know the value of time) and suggest you to skip to number one trend in our list:

1. AI
Companies are fighting for the best artificial intelligence specialists. What it brings? AI technologies are giving our devices the power to think and decide or even to act like humans. To find examples you can check the face recognition, which is widely used in Facebook photo tagging. The importance of AI is explained by the fact that it allows devices to act independently aka without manpower and this leads to increased efficiency, accuracy and overall better user experience.

2. Internet of Things
Have you ever thought that devices would communicate with each other? That what IoT can do. Internet of Things technology makes devices smart enough to make our life easier. They collect any needed data and use it, for example, in smart houses which now widely popular for energy saving and level of automation features. In future developers will focus on remote controle household devices and proper data analysis.

3. JavaScript
Say hello again to our old friend JavaScript! Thanks to JavaScript we received the possibility to work on chatbots, VR and etc. What to say? JS now revived and become one of the most popular languages among full stack developers.

4. Static site generators
Life is getting more simple. With static site generators you don’t need to rely on database. Now you’re able to create a website from the text stored in files. It allows not only reduce the website loading time, but provides you with better security and ease of the content and templates deployment.

5. Virtual reality
Sure! Everybody talks of it. As far as Facebook and Google created a hype about it, there’s no chance to quit now. You used to think of VR in the context of video games, but now it grew to something more and went to the web. This year you will find a lot of apps using virtual reality. For example it can be already used for virtual reality real estate tours. This innovation may bring user experience on new level and would become a strong marketing advantage for the companies.

6. GIFs
This instrument brings the highest user engagement in web. Most users find it much easier to communicate with GIFs in their messengers and conversations over the web. No secret that visual perception is developed better for the majority of the people.

7. Bots
Now is the time to bring bots were created in 2016 to the new level. New trends allow us to create bots using AI which makes them reply and react like a human. They’re personalized and even able to joke. Sometimes it scaries because every time it’s getting harder to tell whether you communicate with a real person or a bot. But it inspires at the same time.

To summarize, trends we represented aimed to one thing: user needs and simplification of maintain and use.

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