Syndicode Digest #17 – Wonderland butterfly

Syndicode Digest #17 – Wonderland butterfly
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Dear Friday! Please, let us have a little rest on weekend, bring us calm and knowledge. Make us better developers and don’t ever stop us from improving. But, please, don’t force us to work again until Monday. Amen. Welcome new Friday Syndicode Digest #17 – Wonderland butterfly.


  1. See how easy you can set a configuration for your application with Docker. Set up Docker for Elixir projects: configuration roadmap, tips and examples.
  2. A simple set up guide for a server working with the HTTP/2.0 client.
  3. Have you ever switched from your previous main programming language because of the performance? Is performance a sufficient reason for changing the language? Elixir is a great language and by learning its concepts you will definitely improve your code. And here we talk about why you have to consider the code, not performance.
  4. If you are Junior Developer, and sometimes you feel you no longer understand how one thing or the other works, it’s 100% okay.
  5. If you always dreamed to enter machine learning but thought that you’re not smart enough, take some basics of it written very simple. The better understanding is guaranteed.
  6. The review of an implementation of a code example in Elixir/OTP and some easy-to-understand theory.
  7. Useful Minimal Feature: learn three simple steps how to deliver a useful, significant, but small slice of software.
  8. When have you last seen catamorphisms in Java? It rarely used there, but can bring you a lot of benefits just with several code lines. See how to implement a catamorphism (or pattern matching) for one of the core Java 8 types — Optional.
  9. Clustering your Elixir application might be a little tricky because your IPs will change anytime as instance gets launched. Learn how to deal with it using the AWS command line tools.

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