6 YouTube channels for developers

6 YouTube channels for developers
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You know what we like the most? Most of all we like sharing nice things with you. Especially we happy when we come across something not just useful, but interactive and fun also. These things should bring you inspiration, joy, and courage to proceed and progress with programming. So, 6 YouTube channels for developers are here for you!

Books and courses are definitely great and needed. But sometimes, the most effective way to learn – is to see how other people show the examples. The story that is told by a person you see and hear always perceived by you better.  So this time we found for you the scope of the 6 neat YouTube channels where you can watch how other programmers solve everyday challenges. Take the advice from their experience:

  1. Fun Fun Function channel will tell you about JavaScript

    A former Spotify developer delivers highly engaging, personal and informative content. His videos are quirky, surprisingly funny and equal parts entertainment and education. The content ranges from in depth technical explanations of the map, reduce and restructuring, to more high-level concepts like composition vs inheritance and burnout

  2. The Coding Train channel specialize on JavaScript and P5js

    Daniel Schiffman’s tutorial on how to make a twitter bot is so easy and so well explained that you’ll become addicted to his videos. He has some extremely interesting stuff on neural networks, path-finding algorithms as well as simple, easily digestible projects. A number of tutorials will gloss over or assume prior knowledge, leaving you with several tabs open trying to fill in the gaps. Daniel does an excellent job of ensuring the only resource you need to complete his task, is in his video. For those looking at starting out with Javascript, The Coding train should be your first port of call

  3. Wes Bos is primarily focused on React, Node, and Javascript

    Wes Bos React, Redux, Es5 and Es6 courses can help you very quickly plug the gaps in your frontend knowledge. While a portion of his content is paid, he has some superb free videos on Youtube including his excellent Redux course and the infamous 30 days of Javascript challenge. With this channel, you will enjoy learning. The author provides you with the styling and static elements, while you follow along with his videos to build a JS Drum kit, animated CSS clock and much, much more

  4. LevelUpTuts — Scott channel has no favorite themes, interested in everything about development

    Scott has an overwhelming wealth of superb content, almost 1000 videos ranging from VS code tutorials, React, React Native, Meteor, Drupal, Magneto…. And more! The videos are split into easily digestible blocks, and more focused on practical, functional application. Perfect for that moment when you have to learn Drupal 8 in a week and need some guided hands on experience. Thoroughly recommended

  5.  Computerphile is a channel that focuses on computer science

    If you’re after for something a bit more computer science, perhaps something that delves into the real nitty gritty of some specific topics – Computerphile is your channel. The inherent strength of this channel is in the leveraging of working professionals and deep academics to explain complex topics. It lends a unique flavor and dynamic to the videos as each one has a different presenter. The content ranges from Why C is so influential, an explanation of pointers, to a 15 minute video explaining the Wanacry virus or the role of Matrixes in computer graphics. Overall a fantastic resource for those wanting to expand on some highly technical concepts

  6. TechQuickie is made to explain the technology for you

    This channel is dedicated to explaining everyday technologies for the everyday laymen. The videos are incredibly well polished, the production quality is second to none, and the content is primed in such a way that you gain value from every video. While this isn’t explicitly aimed at developers, some general concepts like ‘How Netflix works”, Raid explained, or what is Linux are very useful. Pick and choose what interests you, no matter what you pick, it will be quality

Check them all and let us know if you like them.

This article based on the channels presented by Matthew Kjer in The Best Youtube Channels for Developers

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