6 tools to boost your development workflow

6 tools to boost your development workflow
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One of the main questions, when you run your business, is what tool you should use to ease the communication within the team and speed up the development process. There are many nice tools with preset configurations to satisfy all your needs for internal workflow. And not only Slack most of you used to. We present you the list of alternative 6 tools to boost your development workflow. 

Your company can have the best developers and managers. But if they wouldn’t be able to communicate with other team members seamless and build integrations between the tools they use to work together, their proficiency level wouldn’t mean anything.

As you already know, Slack has many advantages made this tool the top one for startups. It eliminates the need for emails, provides the channels for different needs, images and emoji sharing, YouTube embedded videos, and of course, integrations to connect 3rd party tools into your Slack group. Moreover, every message is indexed and therefore it is extremely easy to recover anything said in any channel. And hundreds of communities you can join.

But you know this all. And our aim is to show you the alternatives to compare.

Check out the set of tools that used by CEO, co-founders, technical leads, analysts, senior and most of the junior web developers on a daily basis to manage, analyze and maintain their products. In this article, we will also provide you with best practices of how to use them and how to integrate them together to create a harmony that works for you.

  1. Obviously, we’ll start with Trello
    This task manager is used to manage development workflow and tasks, as well as marketing projects, blogs, online businesses and more. With simplistic and minimalistic design it has anything you need in order to manage a project with up to 10 team members, including task labeling, attachments, task assignments and task scheduling. Once you add new team members to Trello, you can add them to projects and boards to create and complete tasks. A plus: you can use different background colors to easily recognize your boards. Define labels, assign members and drug column and tasks – everything is made to orientate intuitively.  Find Trello boards examples.
  2. Next is BitBucket (which is actually Trello teammate as far as it’s owned by Atlassian)
    This is a distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team and can be considered as a great product for developers as well. Unlike GitHub, BitBucket offers private repositories for up to five users for free. Its interface is welcoming and easy to use, and the integrations that BitBucket offers are extremely helpful. If you already use Slack, you can integrate it with BitBucket to push notifications from BitBucket directly to your development channel inside your Slack group.
  3. Another famous task manager is Asana
    Similar to Trello, Asana has minimalistic design and boards with tasks in columns that can be moved in order to mark the state of your project. You can add files and create conversations on the project. Tasks can be created right out of conversations and the progress can be measured with different interactive graphs. Asana has a lot of useful integrations: GitHub, Slack, Dropbox and more.
  4. Postman is next in our list
    Your developers often deal with creating APIs for exposing our backend code to different clients like front end apps, mobile apps, and 3rd party cooperations. And sometimes it’s difficult to test, document and monitor building or using APIs by different entities. Postman is a Chrome application allows you to easily send HTTP requests to either local or global server with any parameters, headers and authentication settings you need. Unlike other tools out there, Postman has a wonderful GUI (graphical user interface) for defining your HTTP request and analyzing the response. Find a lot of interesting materials in Postman community.
  5. Nice tool with a strange name Zapier
    It is a great tool that worth investigating because of its ability to push data from Facebook ads to a Google spreadsheet. Isn’t it awesome? With Zapier we don’t have to run and implement every integration we want to achieve. Not only that but the less code we have in our system and the less in-house developments, the better. It allows you to create automated processes and workflows with a few clicks of a button that will last forever. What can you do here? You can push an issue from BitBucket to Slack in 2 minutes or create Trello cards from Google Form responses. That also the answer to the question about integrations. With a plethora of useful integrations, Zapier saves a lot of time. That makes this tool number one if you are starting your business and want to have all preparations done at ones. Find examples here.
  6. Draw.io tool is an add-on for Google Drive
    Its main focus is designing processes, systems, and views before implementing them with code (or with photoshop). That is why Draw.io is considered to be a great tool for prototyping, mock-ups and architecture design. It can be used in a wide variety of ways thanks to its template collections. For example, you can seamlessly collaborate with additional team members on designing servers architecture. It exposes all the sharing and collaboration capabilities that Google Drive has. Draw.io offers many components for easy insertion into the Sketch.

These are great tools that will help to boost your development workflow and business so far. Try them, compare and use. Who said that you have to choose one? You can take the advantages from all of them.

Further reading: last week we presented you 8 prototyping tools for designers.

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