Syndicode Digest #21 – A mouse potato

Syndicode Digest #21 – A mouse potato
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Your parents will never understand why you’re so obsessed with your computer and how you doing all this “magic” with it. But they have to get used to it as far as you just a mouse potato. To raise your level at least to an expert and become useful for the society, read our new Syndicode Digest #21 – a mouse potato! 


  1. Chrome DevTools tips to increase your web development skill-set. These tips include 150 animated examples: screenshot capturing without a browser extension, CSS coverage, timeline history and more.
  2. Heroku app webhooks is now generally available. The offering enables developers to set auto-notifications for app changes of choice (e.g. domain setting changes, new releases, new add-ons, dyno formations, etc.).  Also, Heroku has published an app webhooks tutorial to help developers get started.
  3. The list with useful JavaScript and CSS libraries, resources and frameworks to save your time.
  4. Have you ever wonder how nice it would be if you could use pipe operator in Ruby? Pipes are a very desirable thing to have in a language. So here you will find Ruby gems of Elixir’s pipe operator.
  5. Table of content what you will find in Android 8.0 Oreo. As the developer, you should take all these features into account.
  6. Watch a quick tutorial for creating a very simple .NET application in Docker.
  7. New release of Atom text editor – Atom-IDE. It developed by GitHub in collaboration with Facebook and will bring you a set of optional packages that you can download to bring an IDE-like functionality to the text editor.
  8. A lot of hype arose about new iPhone X. What does the iPhone X’s AR engine mean for UX designers?
  9. Designers should use research to inform their decisions, educate stakeholders and ultimately back up their work with the goal of getting it across the finish line. The useful scope of sites to help designers provide UX research.

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