What do you pay a UX designer for

What do you pay a UX designer for
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While we were busy with defining the difference between UI and UX, another question appeared. The question of what exactly the UX designer gets the salary for. What skills should be a must? In other words, what do you pay a UX designer for? As UI/UX design agency, we have the answers to these questions. 

Hiring the UX designer, make sure you found not just a creative person who likes to draw and know how to use Sketch. No, the skills a real UX specialist should obtain cover the fields of the structure, understanding and composition, research, and writing. To short the story, check if your applicant knows:

  1. Information Architecture
    The information should be stored in a way people can easily find it. That is why the field of Information Architecture exist.
  2. User Research
    We investigated this topic before in our material about user research. User research lets us know upfront of who the users are, what do they want to do and the fact that how we’re designing integrates that process together.
  3. Visual Design
    Visual design is not about aesthetics. Is in fact all about prioritization of communication. It’s about making sure that the most important stuff drops on the screen when the user needs it.
  4. Interaction Design
    Interaction Design joins together the flow, the movement, and the transitions.
  5. Copy Write
    That skill is used for all the words appear on the screen actually broadcast the messages we want them to in a meaningful way.
  6. Design Process Management
    Design Process Management gives us the answers to how we’re going to act, iterate, and learn from each iteration, how we’re going to bring out iterations to the design.
  7. Information Design
    Every modern system has a large amount of information. To figure out how to visually represent that information in a way that people can understand what’s going on we use Information design. With it, we can see the important things in front and shadowed the less important ones. Information Design is the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of it.
  8. Edit & Curate
    To make a great design we have to leave out of the design a lot of things. That is what editing and curating is about. We can consider all the features we want, but in our design, we will include only several.
  9. Storytelling
    Another vital thing the designer should care about is storytelling. It’s a great skill to build a story and explain it to users, other coworkers or managers. To move the design forward the team should know how to accept and give the criticism.
  10. Ability to present the idea (sketching)
    That plays a great role in communicating with clients and sharing the idea in an interesting way. That also covers the field of time management and communication skills.

To produce great user experience design your UX designer should have all those skills. And even more. Sometimes, the designer has to even meet the customers to find out important insight of the context of what’s going on.

These are the things you pay your UX designer for. Based on the article of Lindi Reka.

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