Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket

Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket
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It only seems that our digest’s names are random. Every name means something. Like the “Ruby basket”. Syndicode’s language of choice is Ruby, but as the most languages, it has its drawbacks. Anyway, you have to understand that the quality of your code depends not on the language itself but on your skills and the way you implement the code. So be smart, make all the code you do perfect regardless the language you use. And read our new Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket!


  1. Great news about PostgreSQL 10 release! Meet changes (Logical Replication, Declarative Table Partitioning and more) and migrate from the previous release with the help of this instruction.
  2. Another interesting release. We are catching up and adding the link so you could meet the new Karafka 1.0.0 release. Karafka (= Ruby + Kafka) framework is already famous with many companies as backend async messaging backbone. You might find this information useful.
  3. Three most popular ways to create React with Rails application in a short and with examples.
  4. Ubuntu Dev Environment setup tutorial for Ubuntu 16.04 on Virtualbox. Note, you can replace plugin managers if you think the represented one is slow.
  5. Read about Quantum CSS (aka Stylo) – a part of improvements made in Project Quantum to make Firefox faster. In our previous digests, we wrote about  Firefox 57 Developer edition. Now find out main principles of Quantum CSS engine and how it was made “superfast”.
  6. Some useful tips to follow if you’re planning to craft CMS.
  7. Fabrication vs Factorygirls – comparison of these two RoR libraries (to generate text with a simple syntaxis). With examples, graphs, and conclusions.
  8. A slight reminder of why you need to test your code. Yes, you need it. If you have questions about the necessity – go to digest’s preview: your code must be perfect.
  9. Oh, those interactions based on the user experience practice! They shouldn’t be such wonderful so you stick gawking them so hard. The scope of the most interesting UI interaction examples to inspire you.

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