Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach

Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach
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Recently we wrote about the stages of thinking inherent to a real professional. Professional stagecoach is a kind of oxymoron that compares your real position and your ambitions. Remember that all your ambitions should have a background and skills that support your actions. How to obtain these all? Elementary, my dear Watson! Read more, learn more, find more. Start with our Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach.


  1. Good news! Docker starts to support Kubernetes: that means that from now developers can build apps with Docker and seamlessly test and deploy them using both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.
  2. We continue with improving topic and suggest you try on of the 8 interactive coding websites. To become a good programmer, you’ll need a ton of practice: with these sites, you can solve lots of code challenges and work on several small projects.
  3. How Google and Amazon test their future employees? What questions do they ask? In this article you’ll find an interesting JavaScript question to learn from before applying to a JavaScript developer position.
  4. Find more about Coda work-tracking tool. This is the thing to simplify your workflow, organize and prioritize. Excel and other older documents also required formulas to be placed inside of tables. In Coda they can be placed anywhere: hit the “=” sign, and you can bring in data from anywhere else in your document. For now, it remains in beta, but you can try its functionality on a desktop.
  5. While we’re supporting the idea of PWA, there are still a lot of place for native apps. And if you’re wondering about should you become an Android developer or not, we advise you to enter. Here you will find 12 practices for Android development beginners.
  6. Augmented Reality is something new, but ARx designers are already in demand. Find out more about their skills and experiences they should combine.
  7. Ruby Packer to turn your Ruby application into a single executable in less than 5 minutes.
  8. Our item number 5 told you about Android developers. But we also have something interesting for Swift developers. Find examples how to manage different environments in your Swift project.
  9. Did you know that different projects need completely different design structure? Well, it’s obvious. But do you understand what is organizing by design?

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