36 useful resources for UI and UX designers

36 useful resources for UI and UX designers
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Non-stop improving is the main quality of a good designer which makes your UI or UX specialist look something like a sponge. Despite many of you will say that a person should be born able to design, we’d say that this skill could be gained. From our experience, every single person who wants to become a designer can do this with a pinch of persistence and some proper courses to attend. 36 useful resources for UI and UX designers will help your designer become a real professional!

Our century gave us an outstanding chance to learn whatever we want without even leaving our room. Online information is available from everywhere, just use it! Here we have a scope of useful resources for becoming an outstanding designer:

  1. UX checklist
    UX Checklist is a professional checklist for user experience, you can follow it to review the stage of your project, whether you have already finished all the works or not.
  2. Hackdesign
    An easy to follow design course for people who do amazing things. After registration, every week you will receive a design lesson prepared by a professional designer into your mailbox.
  3. Tech&All
    Is a fully-equipped website for web design resources, such as materials about code, template, visual design, UIKits, UI elements, and navigation design are all included.
  4. Site Inspire
    Is a showcase site of the finest examples web and interactive design. This resource can also filter materials flexibly for you, according to a different category, platform, and style.
  5. Designer fund
    A website of a designers’ community that shares the best practices with its members. Designer fund invest in startups co-founded by designers, build and educate design teams. There you will find some inspiration and advice.
  6. Creativemornings
    A scope of lectures for creative types.
  7. A list apart
    This is a website with articles on design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.
    Is a design blog with different interesting things happen in design.
  9. ILT (I love typography)
    This is a blog with useful articles on typography.
  10. Adobe Typekit
    You can take any from hundreds of fonts represented on this site with no worry about licensing. Take and use.
  11. Font Awesome
    Is another website. Here you can find scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
  12. Perfect Icons
    Is an easy online tool to create resolution-independent icons.
  13. Freebiesbug
    This is a website with useful resources about web design including various kinds of resources about the template, UI, and plug-in.
  14. Pttrns
    Is a website with mobile design patterns and UI resources like UIKit and UI elements.
  15. Flat UI Color Picker
    Is a website with a choice of the color scheme, if you want to create a preeminent flat style interface design.
  16. GoodUI
    Is a website with tips, skills, and guidance to create a good UI design.
  17. General assembly
    A campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship where you can find different courses on user experience design.
  18. The Kerning Game
    A web game where you have to distribute a space between letters to make your text readable. In the end, you will receive the score.
  19. Dribble
    A famous network that gathers designers to share their works and achievements. There you can find a lot of inspiration.
  20. Helvetica
    Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks as part of the conversation about the way type affects our lives.
  21. Smashing
    Smashing magazine is a website that delivers useful and innovative information for web designers and developers.
  22. Objectified
    Is another documentary film about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them.
  23. TED
    A world-famous forum with talks on different areas provided by remarkable people. There you will also find a lot of materials about design.
  24. Zerply
    This is an online community for people in Film & TV, Games & AR/VR, where they can collaborate and work on the best creative projects together. Here you can showcase your work and your talent.
  25. Core77
    Is a gathering point website for designers to find lecture series and inspiration.
  26. AIGA
    Is a website of a professional association for design where you can find news and best practices from design area.
  27. A type primer
    This is a book with a practical introduction to typography. It analyses the basic principles and applications of type. From measuring type and classifying typefaces to organizing text on a page and understanding grid systems, the author covers everything that the beginning student of graphic design needs to know.
  28. Behance
    A world-famous network for designers where they can share their works and get the inspiration from the others.
  29. Design the new business
    Is another documentary on how design is changing the way we see and do business.
  30. Trianglify
    Is a cool tool to generate beautiful triangle materials and background of SVG and CSS.
  31. UI faces
    Is a website to find sample avatars for UI mockups. It’s very good to use on visual design.
  32. Mockplus blog
    This site is a comprehensive UI/UX information collection. Topics range from basic UI/UX knowledge to instructive tutorials and design trend predictions.
  33. Coolors
    Aa awesome website to generate perfect color combinations for your designs.
  34. Material Palette
    An online tool where you can choose your favorite colors and get your Material Design palette generated and downloadable.
  35. Color by Heilpixel
    A simple and wonderful website where you can create your perfect palette. Simply back & forth for hue, up & down for lightness, and scroll for saturation.
  36. BrandColors
    Is a site that summarizes the brands’ color scheme for you.

Bonus! Here you can find some hints about What Do Different Colors Mean!

Huh! That was not an easy task to create this outstanding scope for you. But only imagine, how skilled and dedicated you’d become if you’ll read and try all of these!
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