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Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog

Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog
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These days it’s incredibly hard to force yourself to do something. Autumn tells you to stay home, to sleep, to eat something tasty and harmful… And you’re becoming a hedgehog. Sometimes this laziness helps you to save extra energy while there’s cold outside. So don’t worry, you have all the rights for doing nothing today. Except reading our weekly Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog!  


  1. Find TOP-20 finalists in prestigious Northern Stars UK tech startup competition. There you can find a lot of interesting solutions: work planners, website personalization tools built for marketers, utility-type capabilities to organizations looking to sell distributed energy and more.
  2. All the code that was deprecated in Rails 5.1 is now removed in one fell swoop by the Rails 5.2 release manager — now you know how these removals are handled too, so please don’t send individual removal PRs.
  3. Ruby 2.5 adds a very interesting method Object#yield_self which might be a useful little tool to build a pipeline that passes data from one block to another.
  4. A visual explanation of floating point. Vividly demonstration how much of a handicap it was to work without floating points, plus some formulas.
  5. Meet TOP contributors to GitHub in 2017 filtered for relevancy. Domain, number of contributors from a particular company, repository name, stars and more of curious statistics.
  6. If your Merge- or Pull-Request makes a lot of changes, here you’ll find a way to split one big merge request into several small, easy to review ones.
  7. Explore the differences between two of very popular server-side technologies, Firebase and GraphQL. A neat comparison with samples of code and some conclusions will make you understand where each of them fits best.
  8. We found the tutorial with some strategies for using Ansible to work with multistage deployment environments. Enjoy!
  9. This is a real treasure chest with the inspiration for the UX designers: wireframes, flows, and personas.

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