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Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab

Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab
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Where’s your productivity? That is the hard question on the first winter day. It seems like only summer and sunshine can cure us of this cold depressive procrastination. ProCRABstination… We hope that some interesting news can bring you to life and remind you some summer days. Read our Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab!


  1. That is true that one of the most difficult things for organizations is to solve problems collaboratively. Watch the video with The five keys to successful problem-solving explained.
  2. Developers in the Vuex community have created a tonne of free plugins for you to use. Explore 5 plugins to manage the state of your Vue.js app. You will find there plugins for persisting state, syncing tabs/windows, language localization, managing multiple loading states and caching actions.
  3. Room, Lifecycle Components, and Paging Library are the new database libraries for designing Android application’s architecture.
  4. A product design, user interface design, motion design and the rest of terms are explained for your better navigation in design.
  5. Samples of how to improve the performance in Elixir.
  6. A functional programming can help developers to write more concise and elegant code. See how the declarative approach can change your code.
  7. Do you want to practice some React? Let’s learn to build and maintain a React application.
  8. Where to host your RoR application? The comparison of DevOps solutions provided: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Heroku and Digital Ocean.
  9. Not so long ago we published the article about Why your web project should be a PWA. To see a real-world example we suggest you reading Pinterest PWA performance case study.

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