4 questions for MVP features

4 questions for MVP features
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In our MVP development guide, we emphasized that you need to define the most vital features of your app before the start of MVP development. But the question is how would you find the essential features out of the rest? These four questions for MVP features will greatly simplify your task! 

As an MVP development company, we know that there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Syndicode suggests you look through the list of the functions you decided to implement in your app. Are all of them really vital and needed? Remember, that you can always expand your complete project with any function you want. But at first, your MVP should show its essence and purpose with the minimum needed functionality.
Let’s remove all the unnecessary functions (and save some money and time) with these four questions:

  1. Is this feature directly related to solving the original goal?

    For the MVP we should really focus on features that solve the original problem. We can always add more features later.

  2. How many users will use this feature?

    If a feature is only useful or interesting to a very specific user or use case its overall usefulness is very low. We probably should not build it at this stage.

  3. Does the implementation of this function require a lot of efforts?

    If a feature is a lot of work then you have to consider if it’s worth building it straight away. Maybe there’s an easier way that is not ideal but increases your “product to market” significantly. You can always add the ideal feature later.

  4. Does it add enough value to the User Experience?

    Some features don’t really relate to solving a problem but might be worth building after all. Think about if it will affect the user experience somehow.

If you realize that only several features you really need, don’t throw away your desired functionality. Put additional features on your development roadmap so you can come back to them later.
It definitely feels weird to cut out all the extra features, and you might feel the app is not complete without them. However, don’t forget we’re building a minimal viable product. We’re focusing on getting something out there so real-world users can play with the core and essentials. The sooner we can learn from our application out in the wild the better.

There are a lot of applications and services started from MVP with only a few features. Check them out in our material 9 famous services started from MVP.

If you have any questions about MVP project development, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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