Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor

Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor
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What a great feature could be if your computer could scream at you every time it finds a bug in your code! From one point of view, it is an example of an educational process that taught you to be more attentive. But from the other side, it somehow demotivates you. Only a few people like when somebody screams at them. Anyway, an experiment with your computer to tell you when you are wrong should be funny. Read our Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor!


  1. Firefox Quantum (57) received many performance improvements and a new interface. New theming API allows you to go beyond basic lightweight themes.
  2. Make your asynchronous code easier to read and understand with async/await syntax from JavaScript.
  3. The tutorial on how to correctly implement and apply the Prefix Trees data structure in Ruby to optimize the search.
  4. How to push the code without the worry of breaking things? Having a full test suite with End-to-end testing might be the answer.
  5. Some good points about main principles of a code review. Because everyone makes mistakes.
  6. This March Syndicode will participate AI&Big Data Day conference in Lviv. Join the event and find out about Machine Learning for Inventory Balancing. By the way, do you know which languages to consider for data science?
  7. Have you ever deployed on Alibaba Cloud? Learn how to deploy a WordPress Cluster using this container service.
  8. Download for free the new release of vector icons and social logos for your website with Font Awesome. This is popular icon set and toolkit.
  9. Being UX designer, what features do you expect from a good shared library? Explore and compare the details of Craft, Zero Height, Lingo and the new native library from Sketch.

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