Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin

Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin
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Today is a special occasion! We all are preparing for the winter holidays and there’s no time to work. Gifts, tasks to finish in this year, preparations or even vacations. Holiday mood on! But let us show you some wonderful news before Christmas come for you could use what you’ve learned in the new 2018 year. Meet next year smarter and wiser. Read our special Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin! 


  1. If you’re planning to join JavaScript community next year, here is an interesting statistics about the State of JavaScript in 2017. Results of the survey revealed many things, from popular trends to salary breakdowns.
  2. This material is a Christmas gift for data science lovers: 10 books about data science for you to read during holidays.
  3. Train your skills with some practice! Let’s build a real-time chat app with VueJS, Vuex, and Firestore.
  4. The example of doing event sourcing in Ruby. Once you get the idea right and implement it yourself, you should be able to take this technique with you to different languages.
  5. A very useful cheatsheet for mathematical notation in code form. Math in JavaScript is a guide to ease developers into mathematical notation by showing comparisons with JavaScript code. Add it to your bookmarks!
  6. Line by line tutorial on creating complex Ruby on Rails application. From setup to notifications and messenger functionality – all with code examples. Get prepared for a long read!
  7. APIs are typically based on request-response style interactions, which limits their scope and effectiveness in the real-time arena. But every day the world invents something new. Read about Pushpin library to turn your REST API into Realtime API.
  8. How Grid differs from Flexbox? Grid has got a lot of the same capabilities as Flexbox. And in some cases, it’s better than Flexbox, while in other cases it’s not.
  9. Great news for UX designers! Try Syntax Highlighter for Sketch you can use to highlight the syntax of any code snippet.

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