Why RoR is great for MVP development

Why RoR is great for MVP development
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Recently we showed you how to speed up an MVP development. But among those simple yet efficient tips, we did not say anything about technologies that will best fit your MVP development. Today we’re going to explain to you why RoR is great for MVP development. 

As Ruby on Rails MVP development agency, we created tens of MVPs using this framework. RoR is just perfect for minimum viable product development for many reasons. We can name at least 9 of them:

  1. Efficiency

    RoR is fast and easy. When it comes to Ruby on Rails MVP development, it is important to note that the MVP process can be successfully completed faster compared to using other programming languages and frameworks. Ruby on Rails comes with readymade modules and built-in dev tools which help create an MVP in the shortest period possible. These aspects also make the development process much easier.
    Ruby is a concise programming language, and your developers don’t need to write endless lines of complex code. Also, there’s less to change or discard as your MVP changes in response to feedback from users.

  2. Framework Conventions

    There are a couple of conventions implemented in Ruby on Rails that are specifically designed to improve productivity and keep things simple:
    Convention over Configuration – some programming languages require extensive setup and configuration at the start of a new project. One example is Java, which requires a lot of code to be written at the start of a project, which has little real benefit to your application. In contrast, Ruby on Rails takes a simpler approach, where developers only need to specify aspects that are unconventional.
    Don’t Repeat Yourself – this is aimed at reducing repetition in the code; when done successfully, this means that any changes to parts of the code will be reflected elsewhere, rather than having to make multiple changes. RoR’s code is reusable.

  3. Open source

    Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework, with large numbers of software libraries available to use for free. This means that developers have access to pre-built, thoroughly tested pieces of code to use on their own projects, making it possible to build complex functionality relatively quickly – much faster than if you were doing everything from scratch.
    This makes it ideal for building an MVP: you can create a functioning prototype relatively quickly, minimise developer time and expense, and test out the assumptions behind your startup idea sooner.
    It is important to note that the MVP process focuses on the development of a product that captures core functionality. With the numerous ready-made gems available, Ruby MVP development enhances compatibility, while easy enrichment for better functionality is made possible.

  4. Secureness

    RoR is secure. RoR never stops introducing new security patches and features to make the framework safer. Young businesses want to keep it up-to-date and secure are advised to resort to RoR development. To prove the statement it should be mentioned that some at-risk companies like GitHub and Twitter also use Ruby on Rails to ensure security and operational safety.

  5. Stability

    RoR is quite a mature technology with proven stability. Such set of features including Object Oriented Programming (OOP), multi-platform compatibility (RoR is able to support Windows, Linux, etc.), functional programming, smooth compatibility with advanced frameworks like AngularJS is available.

  6. Flexibility

    RoR never binds the existing application to any specific database. The backend database can be easily modified or configured without worrying about changes in the code.
    Since the MVP process focuses on developing a product that captures basic functionality of the app, Ruby on Rails is the perfect development tool. The fact that MVP development using Ruby this language keeps things clean and clear, without unnecessary repetition, the core features and functionality of the app become easier to achieve. Most importantly, the clarity of Ruby features and modules make it easy for new developers to work on the project as well.

  7. Automated testing

    Ensuring that the MVP is delivered without bugs to the core functionality is vital. Ruby on Rails MVP development makes it possible for developers to create automatic tests for this functionality. This fast and secure testing makes it easy for the release of a bug-free app.
    RoR has built-in mechanisms supporting automated testing of the products. Such automation contributes to quicker testing processes and easiness in prompt making the app up-to-date and secure at the same time.

  8. Popular with startups

    Thanks to the open source mentioned above, Ruby on Rails has long been a popular choice for startups. This resulted in well-established developer community around RoR and many people and startups encountering similar challenges. This means you’re likely to be able to find solutions for your startup’s technical challenges in the Ruby on Rails community.

  9. Maximum developer productivity

    One of the complaints directed against Ruby on Rails is that it’s relatively slow. While it may not be the fastest framework, in practice, we’re talking about a difference of a few milliseconds here or there. At the MVP stage, this won’t make or break your startup. At this stage, the most important thing is testing out your hypotheses and getting feedback on your product. You need to build first, test it out, and worry about optimising for scale later.

Stay tuned! In our MVP development guide, you will find a lot more useful information for your custom MVP development!

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