Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man

Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man
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Greetings! In few days we all will meet the New Year. To mark this occasion Syndicode shares with you the most interesting links from the world of technology (as we always do). But that’s not all! Today we also want to remind you about the holiday spirit. Make it fun! Enjoy our last digest in 2017, Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man!


  1. Wanna some tutorials on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML? Holidays are just perfect to master your skills with techniques, examples, and references about these technologies.
    Btw, yesterday we published another useful scope of sites, books, and videos for coders to learn from.
  2. We are very generous and have to share some information with designers too! Here you will find the most useful resources for working with design tools, grid, prototypes and motion design.
  3. How to use styled-components in a server-side rendered React application? With no additional libraries or concepts, you can do it by following this guide. In the future, you can use these principles to build the more complex app.
  4. Here is the review of Fragments, Portals and Error Boundaries in React 16. This React tools will help you finally remove div’s from group of elements and stop wrapping text with span’s
  5. Let’s create your own reCAPTCHA with Ruby. Make your site protected from robots!
  6. RailsPanel is a Chrome extension for Rails development that will end your tailing of development.log. Protected with MIT license it provides insights to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more. 
  7. Our designers often work with personas. And sometimes you have to refresh those you had before. Find out the reasons and ways to refresh personas in a proper way.
  8. If you struggle with the testing option for your new Node.js project than just use Tap. We noticed it’s really simple to use and works fast. It will help to facilitate TDD and start writing tests  for you next project. Dive deeper here.
  9. The icing on the cake is the article about how to improve your understanding of template literals in Javascript. Enjoy!

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