Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room

Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room
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Have you ever admired some of the technology evangelists, early adopters or some extremely cool programmers? The truth is that you will never be like them! But you have a great chance to become your new smart and awesome version if you will work on your skills. Add some inspiration, some motivation and you will no longer want to become somebody else. You can follow the great examples but a whale is a whale, and a seahorse is a seahorse. Btw, the seahorse is also incredibly beautiful and charming. Read our new Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room to explore what the whales are doing about technology this week!


  1. Recently Hyperapp 1.0 was introduced. This is a modern JavaScript library for building fast and feature-rich applications in the browser. It’s quite small (1.3 KB) and borrowed its architecture from React, Redux, and Elm.
  2. Some good news about the other type of giants (elephants this time). Now you can correctly handle infinity value in PostgreSQL range type.
  3. Ruby is getting faster and its performance is getting better! Take a look at graphics showing changes in optimization, raw text, and line wrapping benchmarks.
  4. Do you remember our materials with CSS and JavaScript libraries? Today we present you the mixed list of 15 most interesting CSS and JS libraries. They are worth your attention.
  5. The example of live-debugging an Elixir memory/process leak. P.s. Here we also see the use case for the Wobserver.
  6. The longread for frontend developers about the state of the main technologies and some expectations for the 2018 year.
  7. Dive into the explanation and the code for getting started with Gatsby.js for React. Gatsby.js is a static site generator for React that released its first major version last month.
  8. TIme for interesting discoveries. Look, we’ve found Uppy, this is the next open source file uploader for web browsers.
  9. Awesome list of the most hearted Codepen projects in 2017. Number 93 will make you smile!

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