Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline

Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline
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Everything mixed there in your head. Do you know the capacity of your brain? How can you store the current tasks and remember the order of execution? Exactly, you’re supersmart! And your awesome mind has unlimited possibilities. So remember this next time you fail the task thinking that you’re stupid. Just make sure you use your brain properly. Find some news to exercise your intellect in Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline.


  1. The list of TOP 50 developer tools of 2017 made by StackShare. There you will find next categories: new tools, utility tools, DevOps tools, business tools and so on.
    Note. It is said there that Jenkins in on the third place among DevOps tools of the year (right after GitHub and Docker). You can read more about Jenkins continuous integration in our recent article.
  2. How Frontend development will look like in 2018 and how it changed over the time? Explore the most used technologies and find out the reasons why they are considered the best nowadays. Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, Ember and more.
  3. Get started with Event-Driven Programming in Node. NodeJS provides a useful module called EventEmitter that allows getting started incorporating Event-Driven Programming in our project right away. Read how Event-Driven Programming works and how we can make the best use of it in our Node.js projects.
  4. As Ruby on Rails agency, we couldn’t miss the chance to share with you this PayPal payouts routine in RoR.
    Note. If you want to explore the other payment systems for online business check our article about PayPal alternatives.
  5. Visual Regressing Testing in da house! The list of 30 tools for UI testing automation.
  6. Phoenix’s templating format is great at describing the shape of a document. But it is not as good for typing and maintaining a great big glob of text. That is what Markdown Templates in Phoenix is for.
  7. Lots of code examples for Creating Babel Plugins.
  8. CSS clips seem clear and easy, but brilliantly clever way of making interactive effects!
  9. The dessert is served! Explore new mobile UX design trends for 2018 to succeed. Foresight is the quality of leaders!

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