Syndicode Digest #41 – Outstanding timing

Syndicode Digest #41 – Outstanding timing
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The scope of work you do will never decrease. But the key to success is timing. When you will learn to prioritize your work according to what should be done first and manage the tasks flow, you’ll become a superhero. In this new Syndicode Digest #41 – Outstanding timing, we will share a lot of tools to make your work easier and faster. Let’s go!


  1. To deploy a web application you can use Heroku or GitHub Pages, or Firebase hosting. Of course, there are more options. But the last one we mentioned allows you to stack extra services on top such as cloud functions. Learn about Firebase setup and deploying using a custom domain in details.
  2. For all Ruby fans! Now you can watch all the videos from Euruko Ruby conference that was held in Budapest last year.
  3. Learn how React can be used for different projects, from basic templates and apps to bitcoin monitor.
  4. The detailed material on how to Dockerize a Rails app, with info about AWS Fargate, logging, monitoring, and CDN support. Additionally, you will find there a series of videos to guide you through the process.
  5. Username Availability with an Asynchronous Validator in Angular: the tutorial on how to build the asynchronous validator.
  6. Do you want to make your programs adaptable to changes? See some examples of a “good flow” applicable to embedded software, web applications or any other program in Introduction to Architecting Flow in Elixir Programs.
  7. The question about copying an object in JavaScript doesn’t have the simple answer. Deep-copying in JavaScript will tell you about different options you can use for different purposes like expect cyclic objects or a proper structured clone.
  8. Vue.js system can do more than interacting with a webpage via the DOM. Learn how to create a set of components to render a basic bar chart with Vue, in HTML5 canvas. This method could be used for any sort of canvas rendering, or even 3D content with WebGL and/or WebVR.
  9. What would you do if a designer asks you to make a box bounce? That’s it—no additional instruction. The only advice is given – make CSS animations more natural.

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