Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle

Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle
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Today we devote our digest to the power of controlling your body and brain. If you can work out to gain some muscles, why can’t you work out to train your brain? Drills, exercises, and practice could become a necessary part of your schedule. And if will get used to it, soon you will be the real Mister (or Miss) Brain Muscle. You can start right now with our newest Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle!


  1. If you are looking for materials to learn and understand Angular (for building dynamic web apps, let’s say), we’ve found for you this list of AngularJS training and courses.
  2. If you love Ruby as we do (a few days ago we published great article devoted to Ruby beginners), you might be heard about Rust, that is often compared to Ruby. Here you will find another comparison, the side-by-side comparison of idiomatic code in both Rust and Ruby.
  3. How can we connect to an Elixir node running inside a docker container remotely from a local iex shell and use Erlang’s debugger tool to set breakpoints and debug the code running in the remote node? The answer in here.
  4. Why is every language, including Javascript, moving towards functional programming? Functions are the powerful abstraction and the article about demystifying functional programming fears can be useful for the general understanding.
  5. What is CSS-in-JS? If you have no idea about this term and purpose, we suggest giving it a shot and also find out most popular CSS-in-JS libraries, and benefits along with drawbacks.
  6. Web standards weren’t a thing in 1998 (some of you weren’t even born yet!). There were HTML and CSS specifications and drafts of recommendations that were managed by the W3C. Dive into the story of a short WaSP life and the battle of web standards with the idea of the open web.
  7. While Syndicode published the article about Vue.js benefits there’s some interesting survey about why developers love Node.js. Also, you will find there the most common issues and what Node.js is mainly used for.
  8. Over the past few years, Prometheus has emerged as one of the leading options for gathering metrics and alerting. However, sadly, people using Rails have had a very hard time extracting metrics. prometheus_exporter can help!
  9. As a dessert, read the story about how organizing by design can benefit your project and improve storytelling!

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