How will AI affect UI/UX design?

How will AI affect UI/UX design?
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With the latest trends, we see that artificial intelligence soon will be implemented almost in every field of production. Looking back to 2017, we can find that AI has been widely applied in Uber’s self-driving car, Chatbots of customer representatives, Amazon’s delivery drones – people are getting replaced by robots. Will the rise of AI replace the work of designers? Or, to rephrase, how will AI affect UI/UX design?

If you’re already scared, hold on. AI can eventually knock out humans, but not this year. Things are much more complex when you look at the design, and humans have the unique ability to create empathy for users and set the background for design. By now, robots can’t do the same.

But every year we see more and more examples where artificial intelligence collaborates with real designers. For example?

How will AI affect UI/UX design?

Here are some opportunities the designers of the future shouldn’t neglect:

  1. Automation: image resizing and color adjustment can be done by robots, also they can identify the design sketches and then convert them into code
  2. More intelligent and modular design system: robots can analyze how users interact with UI elements and which functions are the most effective
  3. Personalized experience: robots can deliver the product based on the collected user data, and this could result in improving conversion rate

If the machine automates the repetitive tasks for people, then the creativity of human brains can be boosted a lot. Designers will be more focused on management, creative thinking, communication and other more advanced capabilities to keep them competitive. Isn’t it great?

To encourage you to get to know your opportunities with AI and ML we suggest you visit one of the data science conferences we support!

Based on the Mockplus blog material.

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