Best 2017 Angular Open Source projects

Best 2017 Angular Open Source projects
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Probably, you’re reading our weekly digests about the most popular GitHub repositories for JS and Rails. The same principles are applied for best 2017 Angular open source projects select. Here you will find 25 most popular Angular GitHub repositories in 2017.

The best 2017 Angular open source projects include:

  1. Angular CLI
  2. Material Design for Angular
  3. ngx-admin
  4. RxDB
  5. AngularFire
  6. StackBlitz – Online VS Code IDE for Angular & React
  7. Flex-Layout
  8. @ngrx
  9. Angular-realworld-example-app
  10. Simple Dashboard Admin App
  11. compodoc
  12. Nebular
  13. Angular-electron
  14. Complete Angular 5 and Webpack 3 starter
  15. Angular-calendar
  16. AngularSpree
  17. Angular 2 Notifications
  18. Angulartics (v.4.0)
  19. Angular Dart v.4.0
  20. AngularWebpackVisualStudio
  21. Echoes Media Player for Youtube
  22. Nx: Nrwl Extensions for Angular
  23. Angular-hmr
  24. Generator-ngx-rocket
  25. Yatrum

This is Mybridge list version. All the details about the needed open project you can read on its GitHub page we linked to its name.

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