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Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness

Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness
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St.Valentine’s Day is left behind and no romantic mood left. But aren’t you still in love with what you do? What is your current project you’re crazy about? Well, if you have such – you’re lucky. If you don’t – you must be a very lazy person who doesn’t mind to asleep at the wheel. But not today! Put all your attention to doing your work perfect, to fall in love with it! And with our today’s digest Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness.


  1. To understand a big picture of the state of JavaScript testing we’re sharing with you a guide to JS testing. It is intended to catch you up with the most important reasoning, terms, tools, and approaches to JavaScript testing in 2018.
  2. A few days ago we published the small review of the new React’s Context API that will be available in React 16.3. But, of course, there are more interesting React 16.3 updates and improvements worth your attention.
  3. And one more news about React. How to create features in React+Redux application applying the same patterns/rules over and over so that every part of the codebase looks the same regardless whom it was written by? Learn to create reusable features in React + Redux!
  4. Learn many different ways to write a Ruby loop, including the times method, the each method, the loop method & the while keyword.
  5. Encrypted Media Extensions (EMEs) recently added to the HTML5 specification are meant to provide support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the browser. There different opinions about its usefulness. Why are EMEs such a controversial concept?
  6. Longread time! Did you read our material about why Vue.js is so cool? It’s booming and you can’t deny it. To find the roots we recommend you read the interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework.
  7. Some people say that serverless is the future. Learn how to go serverless with Firebase in a super simple way.
  8. Did you know how can you use multiple backgrounds with CSS? These are CSS basics that will help you control the background of elements.
  9. Go through the steps to connect Elm to Phoenix 1.3 app. p.s. you can also check what to expect in Phoenix 1.4 new release!

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