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Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations

Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations
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There’s an assumption that every person tends to exaggerate all the things related to his or her professional activity. Like if someone asks you how long you’re studying Ruby, instead of ‘two weeks’ you will probably reply ‘almost a month’. In order to look more professional. Or if you just have enough work not to distract on 9gag or something similar, you would say that you’re too busy these days and exhausted. Technically, that’s not a lie, but an exaggeration. With no exaggerations, in our today’s digest, you will find very nice longreads, hacks and news will make you more professional! Read Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations.


  1. In Rails 6.0.0, the new application will run tests in parallel by default. The number of parallel workers is customizable, and which one will have its own temporary database. Pull request description is here for you.
  2. Learn about how modular monolith Rails architecture enables you to scale your software and team. It’s simple in concepts and powerful enough.
  3. You already know that this February Syndicode hosted game development event. Since that time we’re monitoring all the interesting stuff related to game development. For example, different tools that allow creators to publish and share VR experiences they created. Like creating VR on the Web using Unity3D.
  4. If you’re new to React, here you can find a good guide on how to build forms with React.
  5. And if you happen to be skilled React user, you might wonder about most spread React interview questions. These 8 questions designed to be answerable by anyone. Practice them for your next successful interview.
  6. Postman is the complete toolchain for API developers that makes working with APIs faster and easier. Explore 5 tricks to master Postman.
  7. More useful tips for you! Use the Phoenix framework to serve a website from the Docker container. No need to install Elixir, just simply install Docker and run your container.
  8. Don’t you want to understand how everything works under the hood for Authentication in Phoenix? Registration and login functionality implementing explained.
  9. The lovely scope of the best 404 error page designs for aesthetes.

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