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Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers

Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers
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Hey, you are! Are you a person who waits till the Friday come to rest your head and taste the evening? No hurry, no emergency tasks, no calls, just you and your relaxing mood. We know what you need right now to get inspired and delighted before the weekend. You need our new Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers! 


    1. Do you remember our article about software architect tasks and duties? Today we’re happy to find the person who covered in his article all the process behind creating a clean architecture code base. From approach and architecture layers to unit testing, data, and presentation!
    2. In Rails 6.0.0, the new application will run tests in parallel by default. The number of parallel workers is customizable, and which one will have its own temporary database. Read pull request description!
    3. The summary of the experience of GUI (graphical user interface) applications development with Ruby. Most of the Desktop Ruby GUI toolkits evaluated and presented for you in the comparison table.
    4. Delighters.JS is a tiny JavaScript library for elegant scrolldown animations. Neat!
    5. The tutorial on how to build a marketing website as a serverless Vue.js application using ButterCMS and add performant content APIs to your Vue.js application.
    6. React fundamentals, components, JSX and more in a comprehensive guide to React.js in 2018.
    7. Here you will learn how to leverage the best from React ecosystem for achieving daily development tasks with Angular. This is the way to achieve better, faster, and stronger tools!
    8. How long it takes you to set the deployment pipeline? Well, what if we say that you can do it in minutes?
    9. Pros and cons of why should designers switch from Sketch to Invision Studio. Everything is so complicated!

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