Syndicode Digest #52 – Monday’s Child

Syndicode Digest #52 – Monday’s Child
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Sometimes you have to reschedule something to replace it with more important stuff. That happened to our Friday Syndicode Digest which now appeared to be the real Monday Digest! It doesn’t mean you will read something out of date we collected last Friday. It just means you will read the more recent news we just picked for you in our unexpected Syndicode Digest #52 – Monday’s Child!


  1. This is the guide to learn about the practice of frontend development called Front-End Developer Handbook 2018. It consists of three parts: the frontend practice, learning frontend development, and frontend dev tools.
  2. Here you will find a brief yet informative introduction to processes in Elixir, plus OTP (Open Telecom Platform) explained.
  3. A crash course on Docker will help you to explore the vast benefits of using CaaS and the simplicity of Docker.
  4. To create an embeddable custom element using Angular Elements read the article focused on the practical side of Angular Elements.
  5. Do you remember our post about setting up and basic usage of Storybook for Angular? It seems that with this Storybook tutorial you will have no need in search of any other additional information. Here it is sourced from professional teams, core maintainers, and the awesome Storybook community. Enjoy!
  6. unDraw is a constantly updated collection of MIT licensed illustrations you can use on your designs, websites, apps and any project really. This is something is really outstanding! You can browse, discover any image you want, instantly change the main color and download a perfect fit to your design palette!
    p.s. Recently we wrote about Canva’s Design Wiki for perfect color combinations. Check it out!
  7. Firebase is a mobile and web app development platform to develop high-quality apps, grow their user base, and earn more profit. This is an intro to Firebase and it’s new NoSQL Database — Cloud Firestore.
  8. Well-made overview and comparison of Kubernetes to Pivotal Cloud Foundry presented from a developer’s perspective.
  9. Understand how the ‘grid’ shortcut works, learn to handle implicit rows and columns and find other interesting information in facts about CSS Grid.

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