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Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. April, 24

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. April, 24
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Meet our 6th digest with the most popular weekly Rails repositories! Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from April, 24 will include a project to measure frameworks response times, error tracking service, RoR gems, system to build and distribute binary packages, apps reputation engine, user-centric CMS and more of neat Rails repositories! Our Rails digest is the easiest way to stay up to date with the latest and most interesting RoR open source projects!

The list starts with the most recent updates.

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails GitHub repositories

  1. which_is_the_fastest is a project to measure response times (routing times) for each framework (middleware). Each framework has to have two features; routing and parsing path parameters.
  2. Rollbar is an error tracking service for Ruby and other languages. The Rollbar service will alert you to the problems with your code and help you understand them in a way never possible before.
  3. Devise is one of the most popular RoR gem, a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.
  4. jquery-rails is a gem to automate using jQuery with Rails. It’s like jQuery but for Rails!
  5. The Open Build Service (OBS) is a generic system to build and distribute binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. You can release packages as well as updates, add-ons, appliances and entire distributions for a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures.
  6. Interactor Rails provides Rails support for the Interactor gem.
  7. ActiveAdmin Addons will extend your ActiveAdmin and enable a set of add-ons you can optionally use to improve the ActiveAdmin UI.
  8. Griddler is a Rails engine that provides an endpoint for services that convert incoming emails to HTTP POST requests. It parses these POSTs and hands off a built email object to a class implemented by you.
  9. rspec-rails is a testing framework for Rails 3.x, 4.x and 5.0.
  10. Merit is a reputation engine for Rails apps. This gem adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings.
  11. openstreetmap-website (also known as the Rails Port) is the Ruby on Rails application that powers the OpenStreetMap website and API. The software is also known as “openstreetmap-website”.
  12. AlchemyCMS is a powerful, flexible and user-centric Rails 5 CMS.
  13. Formtastic is a Rails FormBuilder DSL (with some other goodies) to make it far easier to create beautiful, semantically rich, syntactically awesome, readily stylable and wonderfully accessible HTML forms in your Rails applications.
  14. Searchkick intelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearch. It learns what your users are looking for. As more people search, it gets smarter and the results get better. It’s friendly for developers – and magical for your users.
  15. Redmine is a flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework.
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