Syndicode Digest #54 – Friendsome antagonist

Syndicode Digest #54 – Friendsome antagonist
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Any discussion could benefit from a friendly approach. Whenever you hate a technology your opponent support, nothing prevents you from saying you dislike something with a smile. Well, it wouldn’t save you from antipathy,  but make your conversation less dangerous. p.s. We hope you love all the news we brought today in our weekly Syndicode Digest #54 – Friendsome antagonist! If not, just smile. 


  1. This is a goldmine! React in patterns is a book about common design patterns used while developing with React. It includes techniques for composition, data flow, dependency management and more.
  2. Another interesting longread with links and courses for web developers. These are illustrated maps of path & courses on frontend and backend in 2018, plus description.
  3. While we were reviewing DevOps as a Service, we found the material about what is DevOps and what is its future.
  4. If you used to build very large JS applications, you might find this article quite reasonable. Here the author sets the examples and tells you what is a good idea and what is a bad idea for your large JavaScript app.
  5. For all Elixir fans! A trivial yet useful example of getting started with Elixir by writing a simple command line application. The author introduced the setup for basic Elixir projects.
  6. Time for useful stuff. Do you use RVM? RVM is the acronym of Ruby enVironment Manager. It allows you to work with different Ruby environments and enables switching between them.
  7. Depending on the page and the network conditions, some round-trips, before the browser starts to download the resource, can add hundreds of milliseconds of latency. But you’re really able to speed up your website or application by adding several preconnect hints.
  8. Along with the announcement of Node.js v10, the nmp6 was introduced! npm@6 is up to 17x faster than the npm of one year ago. Also, it received optimization for CI, webhooks management, and many other great improvements.
  9. Do you know what VUX is? This name came from Voice User Experience that is a design for Conversational User Interfaces (Conversational UI). It’s actually very different from designing experiences for screens. Here you will find 7 tips for designing Conversational UI.

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