Weekly most popular JS repositories. The grass is green

Weekly most popular JS repositories. The grass is green
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Read about the latest weekly most popular JS repositories. The grass is green and so nice sit on! With these all open source projects, you can significantly simplify your work and eventually enjoy the weekend. Let’s begin! In our new JS digest, you’ll find web frameworks, JSON server, HTML5 creation engine, datepicker library, browser extensions, newsletter app, face-detection library and more… Enjoy!

Here we are with the most interesting

Weekly most popular JavaScript repositories:

  1. reveal.js is the HTML presentation framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. It comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, Markdown contents, PDF export, speaker notes and a JavaScript API. 40,258 stars by now.
  2. express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js, a Node.js module available through the npm registry. 38,142 stars by now.
  3. JSON Server for quick back-end for prototyping and mocking. Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds. 31,204 stars by now.
  4. PixiJS is HTML5 creation engine for creating beautiful digital content with fast and flexible 2D WebGL renderer. 18,649 stars by now.
  5. React in patterns is a free book (read about it in Friday Syndicode Digest #54) that talks about design patterns/techniques used while developing with React. 8,706 stars by now.
  6. react-dates is an easily internationalizable, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web. 7,306 stars by now.
  7. ReLaXed is an open-source framework that creates PDF documents interactively using HTML or Pug (a shorthand for HTML). It allows complex layouts to be defined with CSS and JavaScript. 5,064 stars by now.
  8. Refined GitHub is a browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features. 4,896 stars by now.
  9. pico.js is a face-detection library in 200 lines of JavaScript. 3,699 stars by now.
  10. Mailtrain is a self-hosted newsletter application built on Node.js (v7+) and MySQL (v5.5+ or MariaDB). 3,479 stars by now.
  11. offline-plugin is the plugin for Webpack, intended to provide an offline experience for Webpack projects. It uses ServiceWorker, and AppCache as a fallback under the hood. 3,218 stars by now.
  12. San is a flexible JavaScript component framework. 2,583 stars by now.
  13. MDX is a JSX in Markdown loader, parser, and renderer for ambitious projects. It combines the readability of Markdown with the expressivity of JSX. 1,893 stars by now.
  14. Ow is function argument validation written in TypeScript. 1,144 stars by now.
  15. NGXS is a state management pattern + library for Angular. It acts as a single source of truth for your application’s state, providing simple rules for predictable state mutations. 802 stars by now.

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