JavaScript ORM solutions for 2018

JavaScript ORM solutions for 2018
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Syndicode found the article about Object Relational Mapping (ORM) solutions in the JavaScript ecosystem where all of them compared based on specific requirements. John Vandivier made a table with the most popular JavaScript ORM solutions for 2018 and picked TOP-5 of them. 

So we decided to share with you this useful content.

ORM works as a high-level API to execute CRUD, but these days quality ORMs also allow us to initialize the data through code.

The particular project led to this ORM review required the implementation of a cutting-edge, CMS-like JavaScript application. Cutting-edge universal JavaScript frameworks come in essentially 3 flavors: Angular, React, and Vue (Angular Universal, Next, and Nuxt). Node natively supports file system operations, so Content Management System data requirements amount to a preference for wide-ranging database support. In total, the following requirements are considered:

  1. Support for Mongo and MySQL, with preference to support of additional options
  2. Integrate with Webpack
  3. Integrate with Express
  4. Minimal hit to performance at runtime
  5. Intuitive syntax
  6. Extra features
  7. High Github star to issue ratio
  8. Actively maintained with no build failures or deprecated dependencies

This is the comparison table with points system from 0 to 10 for each preferred capability. A score of 5 means acceptable.

JavaScript ORM solutions for 2018. Syndicode news

View this Google Sheet to click the hyperlinks or copy data as a table.

TOP-5 ORMs are:

  1. Loopback
  2. Waterline
  3. Mongoose
  4. TypeORM
  5. Sequelize

Read about them in details, find why ORM is so important and what specific requirements you should pay attention to in John Vandivier post.

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