Syndicode Digest #55 – Wakeful telephone

Syndicode Digest #55 – Wakeful telephone
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Nowadays people can hardly imagine themselves without smartphones. How many times have you been away but replied to your Slack work channel like you’re at work? Well, technically you were at work because you did all the stuff you needed using your phone. Except coding, of course. And there’s no escape from your chats, workflows, connections, and notifications unless you turn off your phone. But you will never do this! Right? By the way, is there a chance you’re reading our ‘Syndicode Digest #55 – Wakeful telephone’ on your smartphone?


  1. We already covered the topic of ‘What is API‘ on our blog before. But it’s never too many resources to find some useful knowledge. What is the broader meaning of Application Programming Interface is it’s not the same as the remote server?
  2. Some elegant explanation for React, Redux and JavaScript architecture.
  3. NGINX Inc. has just released Ruby support for their new multi-language application server, NGINX Unit. What does this mean for Ruby web applications? In a nutshell, NGINX Unit was created for Ruby applications running on different Ruby versions or many services in many different languages and those services/apps need to talk to each other.
  4. If we talk about software development trends, many programmers tend to switch to functional programming. Recently we compared Elixir with Ruby and defined functional programming paradigm in Elixir as a drawback. But you should understand that the problem is not the functional programming itself (it’s awesome). The problem with functional programming is the lack of experienced and talented developers. So, do you want to learn functional programming to solve this issue?
  5. Every browser’s console lets you interact with the Web Platform APIs and gives you an inside look at the code by printing messages that are generated by your JavaScript code running in the page. This is the detailed tutorial on working with devtools console and console API. It includes an overview, counting elements, complex objects, logging different error levels, generating a CPU profile and more.
  6. A few days ago we introduced you Byebug debugger for Ruby 2. But what to do with debugging other versions of Ruby? For this purpose, you can use the basic debug mode for your Ruby CLI. Voila!
  7. Modern browsers come with Web APIs which can defer the execution of a script until their execution is demanded by the runtime. A web worker is a JavaScript program running on a different thread, in parallel with the main thread. Let’s find out where and how can we use web workers?
  8. Is it possible to build a simple web service in Elixir without using Phoenix and, if so, how hard would it be? Take a look at Plug library, what tools it provides and how they can be used to put together a basic web application.
  9. And the last news is traditionally about CSS. The answer to the question ‘why this page should be printed at all?’ is, at least, the need to store an invoice print copy or download it as a PDF. You never know what information the user will need to be printed. That is why you have to understand the state of Print Stylesheets in 2018.

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