IT-Outsourcing Delivery course in Kyiv

IT-Outsourcing Delivery course in Kyiv
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Every professional should continue the process of learning regardless the status or awards. Especially if we talk about business and business in IT. Today we’re going to invite you to join IT-Outsourcing Delivery course in Kyiv that will be held on June 16-30. If you are a CEO, product owner, team-lead or product/project manager – this is your chance to reach the new level and open new horizons. 

Why attend IT-Outsourcing Delivery course?

ITBS (IT Business School) announces its new course that will be entirely devoted to the delivery process in IT outsourcing, outstaffing, and services. The course is focused on the whole cycle of product or service development. From the moment of the order acceptance and considering all the requirements to the completed product shipment and project finish.

Who should visit the course?

The course will be useful for:

  • project and product managers,
  • team-leads,
  • CEO,
  • Product owners

and other people involved in software development business. This course will provide all the useful information for different level managers and startup IT companies owners.

You will find out

  • about IT outsourcing, outstaffing and IT service products specificity
  • the concept of stakeholders and how to work with them
  • the right way to accept the customer’s request and further working
  • how to estimate the project’s cost and set up the correct deadlines
  • how to create a project team and how to manage it properly
  • about requirements management
  • how to work using flexible development methodologies like Agile and Scrum
  • about quality management
  • about risk management
  • about reporting and metrics
  • about the correct way of the finished product shipment to the stakeholder

Also, the experts will show you some practical delivery use-cases.

The course dates – June 16-30. You will have 4 days to work on your practical task.

Meet the speakers, register and read the course details on the official event site. Track the course updates on Facebook!

‘The specificity of Delivery in IT-outsource’ Meetup

On June 12 you can also attend the meetup that will be held before the IT-Outsourcing Delivery course. This meetup will be devoted to the specificity of Delivery in IT-outsource.

Delivery is the most important part of the company’s work that helps to understand the client’s needs and to organize product development processes. It also helps to get the positive feedback from your client and agree on the future collaboration.

On the meetup, there will be three experts who will tell you about the new approaches and trends in delivery.

Find the announced speakers and the price here. Also, there is the event page for this meetup on Facebook.


See you there!

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