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Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master
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We are back with our freaky Syndicode digests names! Despite we call them quite weird, only here you will find really interesting materials that will help you not to get lost in the world of software development. We try to pick the most relevant and useful news on frontend, backend, tools, technologies, design, and trends. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our new Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master!


  1. In case you missed the event, this is Google I/O keynotes for developers. There you’ll find out what’s new about Lighthouse, PWAs, Polymer 3.0, Web Assembly and AMP, Angular, browser automation, Chrome DevTools, Headless Chrome, Google Duplex, Android developer news, AI, AR and Machine Learning. There’s a lot of news!
  2. This is a lesson from a free ebook on building sustainable Rails apps with BDD called ‘Rails Testing Handbook‘. Here you will learn how to generate a new Rails 5 application with all the necessary tools to set up a behavior-driven development (BDD) flow.
  3. Reactive.how is the site where you can find out a lot about React. For example, there you can learn RxJS and Reactive Programming with animated cards, Reactive Programming principles.
  4. A user experience map helps you sketch out the UX and forecast any friction before creating the actual website or prototype. This article will help you to this from your user’s perspective and understand the user’s journey before you start building.
  5. Have you heard about the new prototyping component framework for Vue.js? It is called Protovue.
  6. Object detection models are some of the most sophisticated deep learning models. They’re capable of localizing and classifying objects in real time both in images and videos. Learn to deploy an Object Detection Model with TensorFlow.
  7. Explore the list of Ruby gems for building command-line applications. TTY, Thor, TablePrint, ProgressBar, Executable, Choice, Cmdparse and more.
  8. A JavaScript string methods cheatsheet — a very handy reference covering not quite every string method but certainly the truly useful ones.
  9. There are lots of options for Angular plugins that can smooth your way developing Angular apps using Sublime Text.

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