Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter

Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter
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History repeats itself. And we sometimes come back to the already forgotten basics that might seem actual as never before. Moreover, things we had at the start might be even more reliable than their promising modifications. However, the world is moving forward and we happy about nowadays inventions. But what will happen if one day Earth’s magnetic field will stop working? If it happens our ‘Syndicode Digest #60 – Atavism adopter’ will no longer be available for you to read. So enjoy it now!


  1. Do you know how to mitigate CSRF attacks for a Rails API app that is not in control of the front-end SPA? This article will tell you about Rails CSRF Protection for Single-Page Applications.
  2. What is the main idea of dynamic programming? How is it different from divide-and-conquer approach? Here you will see the explanation of the difference and similarities between dynamic programming and divide-and-conquer approaches based on two examples: binary search and minimum edit distance (Levenshtein distance).
  3. These days we write a lot about Elixir and FP. So this overview of supervision strategies available in Elixir will fit the topic and help you understand the way Elixir handle errors.
  4. Concurrency is considered one of Ruby drawbacks. What will you say if we found an approach to concurrency that scales well and avoids the need to change to existing programs? You can improve Ruby concurrency with Fibers! Fibers are a negative overhead abstraction for concurrency, with each fiber representing a synchronous set of operations, and multiple fibers executing cooperatively in a single thread.
  5. Is GraphQL a solution for people who don’t have the time to study REST or learn HTTP? Take a look at benefits and trade-offs of different architectural styles and compare REST vs. GraphQL.
  6. What do you know about Node.js Streams? Streams are collections of data — just like arrays or strings. And they are very powerful when working with large amounts of data, or data that’s coming from an external source one chunk at a time…
  7. In mobile development, you have to pay a lot of attention to security. But sometimes we take care more about designing or architecting rather than providing the needed level of security. We found a list of security tools for Android app development and suggest you consider them.
  8. Here you have a React Code Style Guide to keep JSX and JS clean and readable!
  9. And a useful tip for designers! Roller is a Sketch plugin that helps you find and fix design inconsistencies. It’s a spell-check for Sketch!

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