Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked

Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked
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It is rarely met situation when your updates are really needed because of some critical issues. And in most cases, you skip them. Don’t you? However, we wish you not to have critical issues to update your soft but only necessary improvements! Some of them you will find in our new ‘Syndicode Digest #61 – Security zonked’!


  1. For all Vue.js buddies! Here you will find some of the best Vue practices that you may want to keep in mind when building an advanced Vue App. Learn to build Vue components like a pro!
  2. GraphQL is a very cool solution to common issues with APIs. This is a quick introduction on how to use GraphQL in Rails and avoid N+1 issues.
  3. This article explains how to use JS modules, how to deploy them responsibly, module specifiers and browser-specific differences between modules and classic scripts.
  4. Continuing the topic we suggest you checking a tool for automatic browser testing called Karmatic. Karmatic is a zero-configuration wrapper around Karma, Webpack, Jasmine, and Puppeteer. With configuration auto-detection, and optimizations most configurations don’t include it provides a (headless) browser test harness in a single dependency.
  5. While we talk about continuous integration and delivery here’re a few tips on considering shipping software and getting the understanding of CI/CD value.
  6. Class Decorator? Class Instance Field Decorator? Class Method Decorator? Learn about them all in this small guide to ECMAScript Decorators!
  7. Never thought of ‘Wikipedia of languages’ and dialects spoken around the world? Sometimes it is hard to find a voice for a specific dialect. That is why Local Lingual, a library of voices from all over the world, was created!
  8. It’s time for free online courses! This Vue.js course will teach you and get you up and run with the fundamental concepts of Vue.js. Perfect if you haven’t touched Vue before or you just getting started!
  9. The fact that grid elements are not always the size of the grid area is a nice tip to keep in our back pockets as we develop layouts. Find some inspiration about sizing grid elements here.

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