Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous

Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous
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All of us like when the path is investigated and the lessons are learned. When you have no need to adopt new rules and rely on your own skills. But that is the way you will never learn anything new. That is why every talented developer has to leave the nest of his or her first successful workplace. Not because it’s bad, but because there is the need to move on. Let’s move on with our new ‘Syndicode Digest #62 – Wonderful nidicolous’!


  1. Firefox 61 is now available and has new performance improvements that make it faster than ever with parallel CSS parsing, Accessibility Inspector, and Tab Management.
  2. GitHub together with ECMAScript community developed ECMAScript® 2019 Language Specification. From Normative References and Abstract Operations to Text Processing and Memory Model…
  3. Dry-monads 1.0 for Ruby released and is more production-ready! Despite using concepts borrowed from other languages, dry-monads stays as much idiomatic to Ruby as possible.
  4. After the article about Elixir from Rubiyst’s perspective, we wondered if there are any other interesting examples of switching between languages or technologies? And we found a bunch of observations about transitioning from React to Vue. What sees a person who worked with React for three years and that tried Vue?
    p.s. Here we did a short review of Reacy vs Vue too.
  5. Do you use GraphQL? This is a visual explanation of the GraphQL stack, and how all the pieces fit together.
  6. If you think that the magic of Rails configuration made JS code a big, opaque box that ‘just works’ and doesn’t seem to need to be understood… Take a look at this visualizing and optimizing JS bundle size in Rails/Webpacker apps. You will see the example of how Webpack and Babel configuration resulted in JS bundle size dropping from 1.17 MB to 396 KB without changing a single line of code!
  7. Using Streams, we can compose functions and push them on to a stack until such a time that we’re ready for Elixir to evaluate the result of all of the functions together. This is a powerful concept, so learn how to stream large datasets in Elixir.
  8. How different industries use certain JavaScript tools, frameworks, and practices? Read the newest analysis on the results of last winter’s JavaScript Ecosystem Survey (a survey of over 16,000 developers).
  9. Last year we made the list of 36 useful resources for UI and UX designers. And this year we share with you another article aimed to collect resources, links, reference, and articles on Design Systems.

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