Syndicode Digest #64 – Whenever inspiration

Syndicode Digest #64 – Whenever inspiration
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You can never expect for inspiration to come when you need it. Oh, no, it doesn’t work like this. The inspiration has got the most stupid habit to come when you’re sleeping, or eating, or chatting and then you tend to forget about the idea very fast. Because you were busy with some other urgent tasks or your head was filled with other thoughts, not very related to the inspiration motive. However, never rely on inspiration! It is a pretty vital but bad companion. That is why we worked on our ‘Syndicode Digest #64 – Whenever inspiration’ regardless of the afflatus but relying on the most interesting materials we collected during this week! 


  1. It seems like TypeScript 2.9 was released yesterday! But now we can already see the release candidate of TypeScript 3.0! One of the biggest features that we’ve worked on for TypeScript 3.0 is called ‘project references’, and it aims to make working with these scenarios easier. The new TypeScript 3.0 itself is expected at the end of the month…
  2. If you choose the SPA path, make sure it is justified and that you understand the challenges. Take a look how cool you can deal with a single-page application pattern using modern Rails!
  3. Vue.js is awesome! And we’re excited to share with you Vue.js cheat sheet with everything you have to know about this framework! From directives and lifecycle hooks to global configuration and instance properties. Collected at one place by Flavio Copes!
  4. Watch a mini-documentary about Elixir featuring José Valim (Elixir creator) and several other big names from the Elixir community, including Justin Schneck (the Nerves Project co-author), and Chris McCord (Phoenix Framework creator). Explore the origins of the Elixir programming language, the manner in which it handles concurrency and the speed with which it has grown since its creation back in 2011.
  5. Another great surprise is prepared for you in this digest! Read Addy Osmani replies to develops questions and ask your question too! Explore his thought on SPA, web development, performance improvements, Rust programming language, Dev Advocates and so on… A lot of interesting things to consider!
  6. Earlier on Syndicode blog, you had a chance to learn about React Animations. Today you’re lucky to meet the best of JS animation libraries in 2018!
    p.s. If we talk about most popular JS libraries of different purposes, you can check our weekly JS GitHub digest.
  7. For Ruby Magic adepts! You have a chance to learn about streaming files in Ruby, how the IO class handles reading files without completely loading them into memory, and how it reads files per line by buffering read bytes.
  8. Go through the detailed tutorial about building and configuring a Phoenix app with Umbrella for releasing with Docker.
  9. Another extensive guide to make you a better developer and dive into reactive programming! Here you will find out how to create Streams in RxJS.

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