Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius

Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius
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When you’re modest, nobody will know how much you do. But when people claiming too much, they’re not taken seriously as talented ones. Because talent comes with modesty and thoughts that your achievement will be evaluated sooner or later. Better sooner, of course. However, sometimes you have to tell the world who are you. Don’t be too shy to share your articles, codebase, design, repositories, and ideas! If you wouldn’t know people’s opinion you will never move forward and get recognition! Or fail. But daring to fail is also an important part of your unicorn’s path! Let’s dare with new ‘Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius’!


  1. Expanding general knowledge time! Doing JS doesn’t mean you know all its features and APIs. First of all, because you don’t need to know some of them unless you face them. But it’s nice to uncover some interesting JavaScript features you didn’t know existed!
  2. Great news for the functional programming adepts. Elixir v1.7 released! This release brings quality of life improvements to the documentation, to error handling, to logger reporting, and to ExUnit, Elixir’s testing library.
  3. Concurrent Ruby is a modern concurrency toolkit that includes agents, futures, promises, thread pools, supervisors, and more. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Go, Java, JavaScript, and classic concurrency patterns. Learn about how to use Concurrent Ruby in a Rails Application.
  4. Earlier this year we shared with you 6 microservices patterns. Today we have another useful material about scaling microservices. There’s an elegant way you can do this with Message Queues, Spring Boot, and Kubernetes.
  5. WebAssembly VM was shipped in all four major browsers earlier this year. What are the WebAssembly roadmap and the features it might be gain in the near future?
  6. This is the first of article series about Webpack. Moving from the first to the last you will learn about Webpack in details. ES6 modules, loaders, handling scss, image files and transpile JS, plugins, code splitting with SplitChunksPlugin, built-in optimization for production for products and more.
  7. Have you ever tried a strategy for managing Elixir deployments for microservices? Meet an example of CI/CD setup for Elixir integration and deployments involving Docker on AWS ECS via Jenkins.
  8. If you’re frontend developer that takes care about performance and always experience the lack of time, try this Frontend Performance Checklist. The whole bunch of different performance tools and references to apply to your project. It might become your browser bookmark!
  9. GraphQL is getting more and more popular every year. So that’s not a surprise that GraphQL Europe 2018 was a huge success. Watch TOP-5 talks from the conference that will tell you about layered GraphQL architecture, its fundamental properties, the future of GraphQL-Native, transpiring GraphQL and more!

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