How to become a better React Native developer?

How to become a better React Native developer?
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If  React Native is your option, and if you are interested in the way how to become a better React Native developer, this article is definitely for you. Here, we will try to make a short guide that should make learning React Native app development easy for you.

Before you dig yourself into learning React Native, it’s very important for you to be familiar with React. But it’s difficult to learn React without knowing JavaScript. So, things will become a lot clearer to you once you learn most of the ins and outs of JavaScript.

You can easily find free and paid resources to learn Java Script.

When you mastered the basics of JavaScript, it’s time to learn the about newest version of the ECMAScript standard.you should learn the Basics of ES2015+ (ES6+).

Below are some free resources to learn ES6+:

The first step to become a better React Native Developer is to learn React.js itself, which has almost the same API surface as React Native. It’s better to learn from at least one or two tutorials so that you can grab the basics from different points of view.

Now that you know some React, it’s the time to get started with React Native. Then go ahead and setup the dev environment for Android and iOS.

Once you learn to develop a simplest React Native app, you’ll need to get yourself prepared for more complex app scenarios. As your app tends to grow and become more complex, you’ll need to choose a good architecture to avoid scalability and maintainability issues in the future. This is where Redux comes into the picture:

For handling complex app scenarios, you might want to use other alternative solutions such as Native Navigation by AirBnB or React Native Navigation by Wix.

To find all necessary links to the tutorials at all the stages of how to become better React Native developer you can here in the article by Rakshit Soral. If you are really serious about becoming an awesome React Native developer then you must start learning JavaScript, dig yourself deeper into the ES6+ ecosystem and then learn React and take your time to understand the framework.

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