Knative to manage modern serverless workloads

Knative to manage modern serverless workloads
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Continuing the topic of orchestrating your containers and cloud development, Kubernetes and companies who use it, we’d like you to meet Knative. This is a Kubernetes-based platform that provides a set of middleware components essential for building modern, source-centric, and container-based applications that can run anywhere: on premises, in the cloud, or even in a third-party data center. So, in a nutshell, you can use Knative to manage modern serverless workloads. 

This is a short intro to Knative.

Knative components are built on Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, and codify the best practices of the real-world Kubernetes-based frameworks. Knative allows developers not to worry about the building, deploying, and managing parts of application development. It is developer-friendly – developers can use familiar idioms, languages, and frameworks to deploy any workload like functions, applications, or containers.

Knative components

are focused on:

  • Deploying a container
  • Orchestrating source-to-URL workflows on Kubernetes
  • Routing and managing traffic with blue/green deployment
  • Automatic scaling and sizing workloads based on demand
  • Binding running services to eventing ecosystems

Knative supports

development patterns:

  • GitOps,
  • DockerOps,
  • ManualOps,

as well as tools and frameworks such as:

  • Django,
  • Ruby on Rails,
  • Spring, and many more.

How Knative works?

Knative to manage modern serverless workloads. How Knative works? This scheme is taken from Knative GitHub page – https://github.com/knative/docs/


Find out the details about Knative, its main features, documentation, templates and developer resources on its official site.

By the way, Knative is a product of Google, and you might find our article about  AWS vs Google Cloud Platform comparison quite interesting. What solution from these two is preferred by you?

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