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Syndicode Digest #70 – Sticky orchard

Syndicode Digest #70 – Sticky orchard
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Today we introduce you our 70th weekly digest! Almost every week Syndicode selects and composes the most important and interesting news from the IT world. Technologies and conferences, hacks and releases, issues and solutions. We deliver them filtered and prioritized. Like the best-selected fruits from the autumn garden… Enjoy our very special ‘Syndicode Digest #70 – Sticky orchard’! p.s. ‘Sticky’ because we hope that some of the advice and technologies will stay with you and help you in your future projects! 


  1. Meet  Action Text for Rails 6! This is the new Rails 6 framework that’s going to make creating, editing, and displaying rich text content in your applications easier. It’s an integration between the Trix editor, Active Storage-backed file and image processing, and a text-processing flow that ties it all together.
  2. With this tutorial, that includes intelligent code completion and auto-complete, inspection of the auto-hiding tooltips and elements, execution contexts and many other tips, you can master your Debugging Skills with Chrome DevTools! By the way, this is the second part of the series, so you can also take into account the first one.
  3. WebSocket is a protocol that makes two-way communication in real-time between the user and the server possible, WebSocket is a different protocol than HTTP. Well, you should know that by now. But to get the deeper understanding of how WebSockets work, let’s create a Node.js server and use WebSocket API in the browser.
  4. As you know, we love Vue. And we’re happy to find neat advice to make the work with Vue even more elegant. This time we’ve found the article that shows how multiple Vue components can be written in a single file (this is actually a pattern from React).
  5. If you missed Nuxt.js v2.0.0 major release with a lot of improvements, here you can read in details what features it received and what improvements will serve you in this new version.
  6. For VS Code users! Starting this September you’re allowed to use a public preview of GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code. This is a new integrated pull request experience so that you can collaborate, comment, review, and validate GitHub pull requests directly from within Visual Studio Code.
  7. Remember our React vs Vue comparison? It was brief. And there was no room for Angular. But today we have the detailed comparison of React vs Angular – from learning curve to abstraction. Also, you’ll find out the number of contributors and some history behind both frameworks.
  8. In JavaScript, code coverage has traditionally been facilitated by clever tools that parsed JavaScript code inserting counters that didn’t change the original behavior of the application. Well, today we suggest you rethink the test coverage for JS. There is a better way to collect code coverage!
  9. And, of course, since functional programming is the traditional part of our digest, this is the material for Elixir practitioners. Elixir is a compiled language that behaves sometimes like the interpreted language. The whole development workflow of a typical Elixir project is quite similar to the workflow in Ruby projects. The key difference between Ruby or Elixir lies in that Elixir compiles the files and persists the compiled modules files on disk. How does the compile time configuration affect the Elixir runtime? p.s. You can compare Ruby vs Elixir in our blog material.

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