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Monthly most popular JS repositories. Golden leaves

Monthly most popular JS repositories. Golden leaves
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Oh no! Too many cool projects were popular this month. And it was extremely hard to select those worth your attention. Despite it’s unlikely you will use even the half of them, still, our mission is to deliver this chart of monthly popular JS repositories. Golden leaves – this is the code name for them as they became popular in the mid-fall, and they’re all are truly great. Among these open source GitHub JavaScript repositories you’ll find popular JS frameworks, useful resources to build apps, utility libraries, npm packages and data-driven animations, next-generation databases and PWA storefronts… And many other great open source JavaScript repositories you should know!

Here we are with the most interesting

Monthly most popular JavaScript repositories:

    1. Electron is a framework to build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 65,322 stars by now.
    2. Create React App repository consists of useful resources help to build apps with no build configuration. 57,074 stars by now.
    3. date-fns is a modern JavaScript utility library. It’s the Moment.js competitor that provides comprehensive, yet simple and consistent toolset for manipulating JavaScript dates in a browser and Node.js. 14,200 stars by now.
    4. Husky is an npm package that lets you define npm scripts that correlate to local Git events such as a commit or push. It makes Git hooks easy. 9,896 stars by now.
    5. PostGraphile is an instant GraphQL API for PostgreSQL database. It pairs these two technologies together to build faster applications. 6,007 stars by now.
    6. React Move is a set of data-driven animations for React. It provides built-in support for interpolating of strings, numbers, colors, SVG paths and transforms, animating HTML, SVG and React-Native. 5,502 stars by now.
    7. AngularFire is the official library for Firebase and Angular. 4,204 stars by now.
    8. WatermelonDB is a Next-gen database for powerful React and React Native apps that scales to 10,000s of records and remains fast. It is a new way of dealing with user data in React Native and React web apps. 4,183 stars by now.
    9. Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for eCommerce, possible to connect with any eCommerce backend (eg. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware) through the API. 3,134 stars by now.
    10. Ky is a tiny and elegant HTTP client based on the browser Fetch API. It targets modern browsers and has simpler API, JSON option, timeout support, URL prefix option, and other neat benefits. 2,771 stars by now.
    11. Pigeon Maps – ReactJS maps without external dependencies. 2,671 stars by now.
    12. BundlePhobia is a web service to find out how much will an npm package cost your project. It can measure the size of CSS/Sass libs too and report whether the module supports tree shaking. The same service is available via CLI tool and an atom plugin. 1,992 stars by now.
    13. Ring UI is a collection of UI components aims to provide all of the necessary building blocks for web-based products built inside JetBrains, as well as third-party plugins developed for JetBrains’ products. 1,920 stars by now.
    14. React-Proto is a React application prototyping tool for developers and designers. It allows the user to visualize/setup their application architecture upfront and eject this architecture as application files. 1,750 stars by now.
    15. NLP.js is an NLP library built in Node.js over Natural, with entity extraction, sentiment analysis, automatic language identity, and more. 1,501 stars by now.
    16. Sqorn is a Javascript library for building SQL queries. It’s composable, intuitive (tagged template), concise (for common CRUD operations), fast and secure (it generates parameterized queries safe from SQL injection). 1,480 stars by now.
    17. Apify SDK is the scalable web crawling and scraping library for JavaScript that enables the development of data extraction and web automation jobs with headless Chrome and Puppeteer. 1,257 stars by now.
    18. WWWBasic is an implementation of BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) designed to be easy to run on the Web. 1,032 stars by now.
    19. Tabulator is interactive tables and data grids for JavaScript. It allows you to create interactive tables in seconds from any HTML Table, Javascript Array or JSON formatted data. 980 stars by now.
    20. tiptap is a renderless and extendable rich-text editor for Vue.js. 958 stars by now.
    21. worker-plugin automatically bundles and compiles Web Workers within Webpack. 839 stars by now.
    22. Express ES2017 REST API Boilerplate is a Boilerplate/Generator/Starter Project for building RESTful APIs and microservices using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. 661 stars by now.
    23. d3-dag is a bunch of layout algorithms for visualizing directed acyclic graphs. 629 stars by now.
    24. Taiko is a Node.js library to automate chrome/chromium browser, works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. 625 stars by now.
    25. low.js is a port of Node.JS with far lower system requirements. 609 stars by now.
    26. vuejs-wordpress-theme-starter is a true WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue. Based on the BlankSlate WP starter theme. 557 stars by now.
    27. Lyo is the easiest way to transform Node.js modules into browser-compatible libraries. 504 stars by now.

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