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Syndicode Digest #71 – Digital Slytherin

Syndicode Digest #71 – Digital Slytherin
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It’s been a while since our last digest. But since that time we managed to complete several interesting projects, release Ruby guide and move our team of Syndicode Dnipro to the new office in the city center. The one thing remains changeless is our love for tech news and discoveries in software development. Are you with us? Read our new Syndicode Digest #71 – Digital Slytherin!


    1. The new version of RuboCop 0.6 was released! This time, Ruby’s favorite code linter gained the ability to mark a ‘cop’ as unsafe so you can pick and choose how auto corrections happen. Also, in this version creators added the option to fix run of RuboCop when cache directory is not writable.
    2. Google Cloud introduced both the beta availability of Node 10 on Google App Engine standard environment and making Node 10 the default version on the flexible environment. Hurray!
    3. And a bit more about Node. This is a curated list of Node.js Security related resources.
    4. Switching to functional programming, we’d like to make a note that some of devs overuse GenServers while starting Elixir. And this is a common mistake. Investigate some of the main dangers of GenServer, and how using them incorrectly can lead to bottlenecks in your application.
    5. New React v16.6.0 received ‘lazy’, ‘memo’ and ‘contextType’. React.memo() is an alternative to PureComponent for functions. React.lazy() is used for code splitting components. And contextType is a more ergonomic way to subscribe to context from a class.
    6. GitHub recently introduced a new feature called Github Actions. It allows you to automate your workflow by letting Github take care of a number of processes which can be triggered by a variety of events on the platform.
    7. Shards Vue is a high-quality & free Vue UI kit featuring a modern design system with dozens of custom components. From ‘Alert’ to ‘Tooltip’.
    8. If you missed this, the new styled-components v4 was released in September! Now they have a brand new global styles API, native support for the ‘as’ and ‘ref’ props, removal of .extend, full React v16 StrictMode-compliance, tons of speed, and more…
    9. Did you know that each individual Active Record object takes up a lot of space when loaded into memory? Of course, you did. But what about saving a bunch of memory using #pluck method?

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