Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair

Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair
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There were busy days! Due to the lack of time and bunch of projects, we couldn’t share with you all those great news we found. But today’s digest is a special digest. We’ll include here everything that you could have missed and everything that you should know in the future. The tech stack is evolving with a speed of sound and that’s fantastic! Welcome to our new Syndicode Digest #74 – Charity fair!


  1. First of all, Bundler is built Into Ruby 2.6! What this inclusion will mean for Ruby, and what will happen when you install Bundler as a gem?
  2. Also we’re happy to announce that Rails 5.2.2.rc1 has been released.
  3. An extensive look at the world of WebSockets, the browser technology that can provide a fast, full-duplex persistent connection between a server and client.
  4. React has a distinct way of handling events. Rather than directly targeting DOM events, React wraps them in their own event wrapper. Let’s learn how to work with events in React!
  5. Join an experiment of creating a PWA with the help of Vue templates, Vuetify, and Cosmic JS. That’s a lot of joy!
  6. There’s a lot of hype around Flutter these days. And we’re pretty sure, it has a great future. But how it works in practice? What about Flutter’s pros and cons against its main competitor, React Native?
  7. A short post by José Valim about what’s new in Elixir 2018. Some of the main enhancements and bug fixes can be found here.
  8. For a long time, we haven’t written anything about Angular. But lately, we found this interesting repository with all the important information on Angular and GraphQL – Awesome Angular GraphQL. This curated collection of resources, clients and tools can make working with GraphQL and Angular easier.
  9. That can be a rhetorical question, but at the end of the day ‘what it takes to be a good product designer‘ sounds quite reasonable. Because there are so many things a good product designer should know and be proficient at… The article was created on the base of the analysis of product designer roles from some of the most well-respected companies in the world.


Check out the post about Luna – a unit testing framework that has no configuration.

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